About us

The Piano Meetups Web is aimed to provide a meeting point for people around the world interested in this instrument. The main objective is to create a network of local piano meeting groups around the globe, so it is easy for you to find a nearby piano meeting group that provides opportunities for adult amateur pianists to meet up with like-minded pianists and practice performing in an informal setting.  

We meet to play for each other – a small audience of fellow piano enthusiasts –  every few weeks, and afterwards head to a nearby pub or cafe to socialise and chat about all things piano-related.  The group welcomes everyone from beginners to advanced pianists, playing all styles of repertoire, and observers are also welcome at most events for those who don’t feel like performing, or to invite friends/relatives along.

The events are an ideal place to practice performing whole pieces, parts of pieces, or ‘works-in-progress’, improvisations, own compositions – anything piano related! 

These groups are run by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis.

Depending on each group meetings would be arranged in a variety of “flavors” (using Meetups, Facebook events, Google Forms, etc….)

No piano meetup nearby?

No worries… It may not be yet but you can create one. If you want more information of how to create a group and what help can we provide you with please go to Getting Involved page.