Getting Involved

Want to participate?

Go to your city PianoMeetup. You’ll find the local administrators info and get in contact with them. From there you’ll be able to collaborate, attend, play….

Eager to create a PianoMeetups group in your city?

We’re happy to see our little big family grow. We can help you… although there are some things you need to understand first:

  • This is a non-profit group: This implies several things. You should not be the owner of the location, although it may help, this is a volunteer based group. The member fees are only intended to keep the group running, i.e. paying location renting and similars
  • Is amateur intended: That doesn’t mean that no professional pianist are allowed. But a professional player expect to be paid for their performances and there is no money going to any player.
  • No ads whatsoever: This group is also not intended for teacher to “fish” for new students and similar. It is not intended also for advertise upcoming concerts and similar.

If you understand and agree to this, then we’ll help you to kickstart your local group. We speak english, spanish and portuguese.

Please send us a mail to and we’ll get in touch with you in right away.